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Beginner Birder Trip: Mendon池塘公园 Songbird Trail – Registration Opens January 8, 2022

1月15日上午9:30 - 12:00 pm

Black-capped Chickadee - Mendon Ponds - © Yvonne Mathews - Mar 19, 2017

This trip will be a leisurely winter walk along rolling trails (approx. 1-1/2 miles) featuring some very close looks at our winter 雀鸟!  Bring your binoculars, some sunflower seeds, and your camera!  这是一次适合家庭的野外旅行.

见面 9:30 a.m. at the visitor center on Pond Road 三叶草附近的圣reet. 游客中心有洗手间.

注:这是一个为初学者准备的野外旅行. New birders should feel free to join these trips regardless of experience level: bring binoculars if you have them. 速度 & focus of Beginner 旅行 may not be satisfying for experienced birders. Our Beginner 旅行 focus on teaching identification skills, 学习新的栖息地, 并回答问题. Experienced birders are welcome but may be pressed into service as educators!


The 网赌最正规的平台 has instituted the following procedures for all field trips for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. By registering for a field trip, you acknowledge that you have read and will abide by these policies.


  • 通过Eventbrite提前注册 参加旅行需要什么条件. NYS guidelines for the allowable number of attendees at an outdoor gathering have eased considerably, 但出于谨慎起见, we will continue capacity limits that will be determined on a trip-by-trip basis.
  • Individuals who did not pre-register will not be allowed to attend the field trip.
  • 如果你决定不参加这次旅行, we encourage you to cancel your reservation before 1:00 PM the day before the trip to make room for others. 取消很容易通过 哪些网站; see your confirmation email for details.


  • Full contact information is required at registration in case contact tracing is requested.
  • 没人会发烧到100度.4F or greater (without having taken 任何 fever-reducing medications) 应该参加.
  • 没有人 任何 COVID-19症状(发烧, 咳嗽, 呼吸困难呼吸急促或呼吸困难, 发冷, 肌肉疼痛, 喉咙痛, 或失去味觉或嗅觉).
  • 没有人 tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days or who has been instructed to self-isolate or quarantine 应该参加.
  • 没有人 been in close (within 6 feet) or proximate (same closed environment, but greater than 6 feet) contact with 任何one who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has had symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days, 应该参加.
  • 没有人 traveled or who lives with someone who has traveled to a country or state on the 纽约 coronavirus travel advisory list in the last 14 days 应该参加.
  • Participants who test positive for the coronavirus within 14 days after attending a field trip are encouraged to contact the RBA.


  • Mask wearing is required for participants who are not fully vaccinated; it is optional, 但对于那些完全接种疫苗的人来说,这是值得鼓励的.
  • We will continue to encourage social distancing whether or not a mask is worn.
  • As long as participants continue to socially-distance, we will allow scope sharing.
  • Participants are encouraged to keep hand sanitizer with them in case of accidental contact.

免责和免除责任: By registering for this field trip you acknowledge that you assume all risks and hazards incidental to the activities of the event, including potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. 你进一步释放, 免除, 持有无害的, defend and indemnify the 网赌最正规的平台, 公司. and all individually named organizers, leaders, and participants of the event. In case of injury, you hereby waive all claims against all organizers, leaders, and participants.

图片/视频豁免: If you do not consent to have your image used by the RBA in the manner next described, 请在注册表格上适当的方格内打勾. 否则, by registering for this field trip you hereby grant permission to the 网赌最正规的平台 to take and publish photos or videos of you in connection with the event listed above, with or without your name and for 任何 lawful purpose including for example such purposes as publicity, 插图, 广告, 和web内容.



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位于塘道的游客中心. 三叶草附近的圣.
约翰Boettcher 585-671-9639
珍妮Verhulst 585-362-0803


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